Divorcing Myself From Facebook Is The Best New Year’s Resolution Ever

Years ago I watched the movie “Idiocracy” directed by Mike Judge. The premise of the film is that people become so very dumb that an average man who wakes up in the future is suddenly the smartest person on Earth. We have gotten to that point, folks. If you are average, or above, intelligence you can clearly see things have gone completely sideways. We no longer seem to elect people that have one shred of integrity or appreciation of their fellow humans. America now markets itself as the laughing stock of the entire planet.

It’s really time to stop spending money on anything other than education in America. Read a book or pick up a hobby that engages your brain. Until then keep your insane conspiracy theories, pre-1960s outlook on race, your religion and blatant narcissism locked in a padded room.

Drawing of Sun

Drawing of the sun using Adobe Ideas and my pointer finger. Lindsay got me a stylus for Christmas which will make future drawings a lot easier to without getting fingerprints all over the glass. This image is the exact opposite of what it looks like outside right now. WE SHALL MEET AGAIN, SUN!

Sun drawing by Christopher John Sztybel

“Jumping Jack Flash” jam in Propellerhead Record

Today I had some time to practice guitar and record a bit of what I was riffing on. This is something I put together in Propellerhead Record. I like the layered guitars in this and it’s not bad for just a few takes. It’s also worth mentioning that the Rolling Stones are on tour celebrating 50 years together. How insane is that?


DIE HARD with John McClane – The 007 of Plainfield, New Jersey

DIE HARD John McClane Bruce WillisIt’s not every day that a huge action hero says he’s from Plainfield, New Jersey. This is said at the 1:00 mark in the trailer. I wonder if McClane was born at Muhlenberg Hospital? Forgive me for being so excited about the small details in an action movie, but McClane has always been the “every man” action hero. He gets the shit kicked out of him in every movie and still manages to defeat angry German terrorists. All the DIE HARD movies are great and they always have classic story lines with a ton of explosions. There was a time when action movies like this were plentiful.


Grumpy Old Man

Here’s a drawing that reminds me of my grandpa. You may think that’s a good thing, but he was one of the crankiest people alive! He drove people up a wall and had catch phrases like “You’re always right and I’m always wrong.” and the classic “YOUR NOSE!” Drawn in my sketchbook using a Sharpie marker and then colored in Adobe Photoshop.

Grumpy Old Man illustration by Christopher John Sztybel