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I always find it best to let the client’s words describe what they do:

“Noodle Media is a viral marketing agency. We understand that a successful viral campaign hinges on great creative but we also know that having a great piece of content is just the beginning.

Viral marketing is about great creative, but it is also about distribution and seeding your campaign to people so that they sit up and take notice.

Viral seeding is all about deploying a creative where people will have the best chance of seeing it, and crucially, sharing it with their networks.

Viral deployment is about having the relationships and ability to seed a campaign to key websites at a moment’s notice and create a viral buzz.

Viral buzz is all about grabbing attention and being talked about, in many places, by as many people as possible, all at the same time.

Today’s internet is an exciting place, where things happen (and are forgotten again) very quickly and if you manage to get noticed amongst all the chaos, then very good things come of it.

……And that’s what we do!”