Opie and Anthony

Opie and Anthony on XM Satellite Radio
"Ok terrific."

O & A PARTY ROCK! The Opie & Anthony Show on XM Satellite Radio Channel 202 has made us laugh forever. And by us I mean myself back when I was a “film fetcher” back at Graphic Research Unlimited in Fanwood, NJ. My job was to retrieve film for print jobs. There was a tiny concrete cell I worked from. In the room was a small AM/FM radio with a coat hanger for an antenna.

As I got to know Foundrymusic Steve, more O & A-related work started to come my way. The biggest project to date was a fully-animated marquee that was displayed at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City’s Times Square.

Catch Opie & Anthony every day on XM Satellite Radio Channel 202 from 7am-11am EST Mon.-Fri. They also have setup a webcam on PalTalk which is on during the course of the show. Just go to “Opie & Anthony Live!” in ‘Adult Conversations’