Canon cameras

People often ask me what type of camera they should buy. My suggestion is always Canon. They’ve had a long running policy of supporting older equipment. Many of their lenses can be used long after a camera body has expired. The resale on quality lenses is also amazing and a far better investment than you might imagine. That’s not to say companies like Nikon aren’t great, but wouldn’t be economical to have a Nikon system as well. Two things that made me a Canon fan are their menus and color. No matter the device, Canon has very intuitive menus.

My first Canon was a PowerShot A95 and I still use it to this day. Not the best in low light, but noise levels are something Canon has improved on with each new model released.

I always recommend shopping for this type of equipment at B&H Photo in New York City. They have an incredible inventory and one of the neatest checkout procedures in a department store. To learn more about their history, watch this video.

The Neighborhood of Make Believe

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood of Make Believe
A very early drawing done in crayon of The Neighboorhood of Make Believe. Surprisingly accurate for a toddler.

The Neighborhood of Make Believe. I did this drawing when I was a toddler with crayons. Because every little kid needs a map of the Neighborhood of Make Believe, right? Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood was one of the greatest tv shows ever.

Green Lantern and James Hannon

Green Lantern and James Hannon
James Hannon running after the Green Lantern for a quick autograph

Green Lantern and his biggest fan, James Hannon, together at last. Perhaps Hal Jordan wouldn’t mind lending James the ring so the Mets win a game or two. This was a pencil and pen illustration which was scanned and colored in Adobe Photoshop.

Wonder Woman and her invisible jet. This was a pencil and pen illustration which was scanned and colored in Adobe Photoshop.