Mallory Knox Modeling

It was a rainy day, but everyone was a trooper and pulled off amazing shots. Besides the rain, fog was everywhere! When we first arrived there was barely a drop of rain and by the end it was pouring. I give Mallory a lot of credit for sticking it out because it’s not easy. Special thanks to the ever helpful LEW MONTY for assisting and shielding us from the storm. Also, special thanks to my 7D for continuing to come out of storms like a champ. It’s a damn good camera. Yay weather sealing! Last but not least, thanks to Trendi for providing us with the bracelets.

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Mallory Knox collage

Old Dutch Church Featured on Adorama’s Blog

Adorama asked their fans on facebook to send in winter photos to be used for their blog. They chose the photo I took of the Old Dutch Church in Sleepy Hollow, New York. Pretty cool! You can click on the screenshot below to see the photo and order a print of it.

Photo of the Old Dutch Church in Sleepy Hollow, New York featured on the Adorama blog

Tips for Buying/Using a New Camera

In this video I give a few tips on buying a new camera and exploring the world of photography. It’s not as easy as buying an expensive camera and suddenly becoming a “professional”. Learn the craft. That’s how your work takes shape and stands out from the crowd.

And, yes, I do say “uh” and “um” a lot in this video. I did it in one take, so I’m pretty proud of that. Ha ha! In the future, I promised less “uhs” and “uhms”.


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B&H Photo logoGreat news! I am now a B&H Photo Video affiliate. What does that mean? My site met qualifications for web traffic and content. This allows me to bring you advertising for the finest store known to man. If you have never been to B&H in New York City, you are missing out. It’s an amazing place that I can only compare to heaven on earth for photographers, videographers, or anyone that loves gadgets.

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