Katie and Andre’s Point Pleasant Boardwalk Engagement Session

Memorial Day weekend. Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Traffic. Kohr Bros. ice cream. Mayhem. Fried pickles. Seagulls. Funnel cake. Fresh sea air. Rides. People fighting on the beach. People dancing on the beach. People in love on the beach.

Here’s to (somewhat) maintaining my balance on a moving carousel. Here’s to taking Uber for 4 totally walkable blocks. Here’s to Katie and Andre.

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Point Pleasant Beach, NJ engagement session


Beer Goggles playing “867-5309 (Jenny)” and “Rebel Yell”

This update features something that inspires me. Music! I cannot properly work on photography or design without music. For the lovely Lindsay’s birthday, I wanted to play a couple songs from the 1980s with our friends in Beer Goggles. Boogs and I love music from the 1980s and she’s never seen me play with a band. It’s healthy to scream from time to time!