A Real Honor Regarding My Photography

This is something I did not expect. My cousin posted this yesterday about “Bring Your Daughter To Work Day”. She brought her daughter Grace.

“They were asked Whom They Most Admire…. And ummm this is what Grace drew….
My Cousin Christopher…. Because she feels she would like to pursue photography and bring out her inner artist in the future….
I thought it was very cool….”

CRAZINESS! I get so wrapped up in making sure I love my work and a nice result of that is others do too. It’s a huge compliment that someone would recognize my work like that. It’s important that my work strikes a chord with the younger generation.

Always strive for perfection, but know when it cannot be attained. Keep snapping away with your camera, Grace. See if you can convince your parents to get you a small camera to shoot black & white film. I still develop my own black & white film at home. Working in a darkroom will help you further appreciate the power of a single photograph. Keep having fun with whatever you choose to do!

Black and White Photography in Delaware

Black and white landscape of McGinnis PondDuring Thanksgiving vacation I visited my parents in Frederica, Delaware. The day after Thanksgiving I walked down to McGinnis Pond around noon. It was unseasonably warm and people were out enjoying the weather. I decided to use my Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 and take some landscapes of the pond and surrounding areas. The pond was a little higher than normal and when I went down to the stream the pond feeds, much of the steep trail had been eroded from recent storms. It’s a neat trick carrying camera equipment down a steep bank! It was worth it though because I was able to get the shot of sunlight breaking through the tall grass.

The banks of McGinnis Pond in Delaware

After finishing up at McGinnis Pond, I walked down the street to get some shots of passing cars and motorcycles.  I was just finishing up my lens and camera adjustments when a classic Pontiac GTO flew by me. The shot was underexposed, but I shot RAW and later adjusted the exposure in Adobe Lightroom.

Pontiac GTO cruising down the road in Delaware
A classic Pontiac GTO

Sometimes a great shot is just a happy accident. If I spent 30 seconds more photographing the pond, I would have never taken this shot of the car.