I Am Selling All Of My Camera Equipment

Canon EOS camera logo

There comes a time when some photographers realizes “I like this as a hobby, but I don’t think I’m cutting it professionally.” After staring at my pile of equipment for the past week, I’ve decided to put it all up for sale. I have an XTi and 7D body along with numerous lenses in pristine condition. They are priced quite reasonably and are meant to sell quickly.

First up, my first DSLR. The XTi. I’m only asking $200.00 for that one. Has less than 50,000 clicks. Decent shape. Just a few scuff marks.

::record scratch:: I feel bad for you if you thought I was selling all of my camera equipment.

(Eh, maybe not.)

April Fools! See you next April 1!

“The Last Snow”

Yesterday, April Fools Day, greeted us with a surprise snowstorm. My guess is that this will be the last snowfall of any significance before spring finally arrives. I was inspired to shoot this video ever since I saw Reid Carrescia’s “The First Snow”. He did an amazing job capturing a serene snowfall. I had a bit more of a dark outlook on the snowfall we experienced yesterday. To drive home the point that this winter feels everlasting, I chose to use the music of Alice in Chains.