Lauren K. for Cleri Models in Asbury Park, NJ

Hey what do you know we’re back in hip and delicious Asbury Park for another modeling shoot with an up and coming model named Lauren. She’s represented by Cleri Models which means she’s being represented by the best and on her way already.

We got started at one of my favorite places to shoot, Salt Studios, located on Cookman Ave. downtown. We had a gorgeous day outside, so we did two looks in the studio and then headed down to the beach.

Special thanks to Lew Monty for hauling butt as usual and keeping the reflectors on the ground during a windy beach day. He was rewarded with artisanal pizza afterward.

Model: Lauren K.
Agency: Cleri Models
Hair & Makeup: Wanida Chopra
Assistant: Lew Monty

Lauren K. for Cleri Models photographed in Asbury Park, New Jersey

Trash the Dress and Birthday in Asbury Park, New Jersey

Clients are interesting. Within just a few months I have had multiple requests to shoot in Asbury Park. That is good for the city and even better for my stomach because it’s full of great places to eat.

Kristen and John came down and it was also Kristen birthday so she wanted new portraits of herself, with John and also getting her wedding dress a little messed up by the Atlantic Ocean.

Depending on a person’s attachment to a dress, “trash the dress” is open to interpretation. Since we weren’t going to muddy it up or set it on fire,  I thought a literal “trash the dress” would be funny.

Portraits with Kristen Driscoll in Asbury Park, New Jersey

Comic Book Afterlife Sandy Relief

Want to help restore the New Jersey shore? A lot of it simply isn’t there anymore. Houses that weren’t leveled by the hurricane will eventually be reduced to rubble from flood damage. The pictures we see of the damage cannot fully measure the impact. Do whatever you can to support the coast. I personally stand by Comic Book Afterlife Sandy Relief and their grassroots movement of raising at least $10,000.00. The money will go to the areas that need it most. If you donate to something like The Red Cross, that money can be squandered. I remember specific stories back in 2001 when The Red Cross was using funds to help the rich move after they lost family members in the World Trade Center. That didn’t leave a good taste in my mouth.



New Jersey Zombie Poster