Cleri Models Perla at Art Factory Studios

We got several amazing summer looks during our session together. It was legit hot outside so the fans were not just for effect. We cooled off where we could! Marlene was her usual magical self when it came to hair and makeup and kept everything touched up and perfect throughout the day.

Photographer: @thatwerksphotography
Model: Perla
Hair/makeup: @marsartistry
Location: @artfactorypaterson
Agency: @clerimodels
Lighting: @adorama Flashpoint w/ @paulcbuffinc beauty dish and natural Processing: @reallyniceimages in @captureonepro

Cleri Models Perla photographed by Christopher John Sztybel of That Werks Photography located at The Art Factory in Paterson, NJ

Jordan for Cleri Models Photographed by Christopher Sztybel at Art Factory Studios

Wonderful light was on my side throughout the day for this shoot with Jordan. I don’t usually set up the fog machine for modeling shoots, but after the results I got for this shoot it will inspire me to do it more often. This was also the first shoot since receiving my brand spanking new Magbox by MagMod. If you are a fan of speedy setups and beautiful artificial light then the MagBox is a product you need in your life.

Makeup and hair for this shoot was handled by Nicole Sacco. Wonderful job, Nicole!

The location for our shoot together was the incomparable Art Factory Studios in Paterson, New Jersey.

Cleri Models – Kristina A. at Art Factory Studios with That Werks Photography

Below are highlights from photographing Kristina for Cleri Models. We used a Savage backdrop for the yellow, but the rest of the shoot was done elsewhere within Art Factory Studios. One of my favorite lenses to use during these shoots is the Sony 85mm f/1.8. It’s small, lightweight and has a customizable button on the barrel. I use it for eye focus which is a huge feature on the Sony cameras.

Thanks again for coming up to the studio to shoot with us!

Hair/Makeup: Araena Sanchez

Cleri Models – Ana G. Modeling at Art Factory Studios

Another successful shoot with Cleri Models at Art Factory Studios in Paterson, New Jersey. Ana has a dance background and although we wanted to focus our efforts elsewhere you can imagine that skillset came in handy. Particularly when we positioned her in a window with a 30 degree angle. She held the pose like Spider-Woman!

Shot on the Sony a7r II with a variety of lenses including the Sony 85mm f/1.8

McKenna for Cleri Models Photographed at Art Factory Studios

This shoot is from right around the time I started doing headshots in a new way. I typically stay away from flat lighting, but it works well for the modeling portfolio headshots because it shows off features without heavy shadowing and it minimizes skin irregularities. I particularly love the look with the red dress and red lipstick. Raen (hair/makeup) always does a great job of going over the wardrobe choices with me so that we’re on the same page.

McKenna did a great job, nailed all her looks and we made use of some spaces at the studio that hadn’t been used before.

Model: McKenna from Cleri Models
Photographer: Christopher John Sztybel
Hair and Makeup Artist: Araena Sanchez
Assistant: Katie Aklian

McKenna for Cleri Models photographed at Art Factory Studios by That Werks Photography

Brianne for Cleri Models

Here’s a fun shoot I did with Brianne from Cleri Models in the studio. I’ve been digging the Savage backdrops lately. They really are perfect for giving me the pop needed for modeling work. I like a nice crisp directional light, drop shadow and a vibrant backdrop and their seamless paper fits the bill for that aesthetic. We also employed a little bit of haze for the environment.

Location: The Art Factory
Photographer: Christopher John Sztybel
Model: Brianne M. for Cleri Models
Hair & Makeup: Araena Sanchez
Assistant: Katie Aklian

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Brianne for Cleri Models photographed by That Werks Photography at Art Factory Studios

Isabella for Cleri Models

We got some amazing natural light for quite a few of the images captured of Isabella for Cleri Models. Pockets of super golden sunlight poured in quite a few of the windows and Isabella managed to keep her eyes open without fail even with such bright conditions. Every time I have a session with someone I am looking to deliver new to satisfy the client and further my own style. There is always a new spin on an old technique to be found.

Model: Isabella from Cleri Models
Photographer: Christopher John Sztybel
Hair and Makeup Artist: Araena Sanchez
Assistant: Katie Aklian

Isabella for Cleri Models photographed at Art Factory Studios

2016: My Year in Photography

From Asbury Park to Vermont to Colorado to my studio in Paterson, New Jersey. Behold the year 2016 through some of my favorite photographs taken for a wide variety of clients…and some of my personal “off the clock” work as well. Although clock watching isn’t something I’ve done in many, many years. Thanks to all, large and small, for taking the time to work with me on a one-on-one basis to craft something special. These are the images that are cool now, but absolutely priceless down the road. I also thank the likes of Matt Koza and Jeff Heckman for bouncing ideas around and being exactly the type of people that fuel the fire of making something out of nothing.

Here’s to many more great shoots with people that share a mutual trust in making images that aren’t just disposable social media fodder. They’re striking, timeless and fun and I intend on keeping it that way in 2017 and beyond.

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Christopher John Sztybel's photography from 2016. A year in review.

Christopher John Sztybel's photography from 2016. A year in review.

Christopher John Sztybel's photography from 2016. A year in review.

Brooke for Cleri Models at The Art Factory 

Brooke is one of the latest fresh faces to come through the doors of Cleri Models and I got to photograph her recently at my studio in Paterson, NJ.

We went through several hair and makeup changes throughout the day, but I think the hippie look definitely had the most impact. The natural light throughout the studio was perfection, but we did light some of the scenes artificially with flash. A Lastolite softbox containing one flash is a powerful tool for working quickly and yields nice, flattering, warm light.

Special thanks to Makeup by Wanida for another great job on hair and makeup and LFM for superior assistance start to finish.

To schedule your photography session, contact me through my web site. Enough blabbing and more showing. Below are highlights from the session.

Brooke H. for Cleri Models at The Art Factory in Paterson, NJ


Mia for Cleri Models

mia-berry-cleri-bts-00012-2016-06-16Just a few minutes outside of New York City is a world of industrial buildings that were formerly used to produce everything from fine silks to guns. That’s been my headquarters for the past month and it’s been so much fun finding interesting spots to shoot.

For portrait photography, I have different tastes. Sometimes I like it straight forward and without any distraction. But most of the time I like it to feel lived in. Shooting in a space that has been lived in, or worked in, lends itself to giving the person a bit more gravity in the scene. They absorb the essence of what the space is about. Hard work and determination are skills we can all relate to regardless of the line of work we’re in.

Mia has the energy and confidence you would expect from someone that models. It’s natural for her. I’ve also worked with models that are sort of shy in person, but convey a whole different feeling once we start shooting together. This was a great shoot from top to bottom and I’m happy to share some of my favorites from the session along with a couple behind the scenes shots courtesy of my assistant Lew Monty.

Special thanks for Wanida’s makeup and hair skills and Lew Monty’s assistance in making this shoot move nice and smooth.

Behind the scenes shot thanks to Lew Monty. Random “A” on the wall. Let’s say it stands for “Awesome”.

Mia for Cleri Models