Dance Photo Session with Zania

Up next on the wide world web is this blog featuring Zania who is a dancer. She joined me for a photo session at The Art Factory in Paterson, New Jersey.

We did a couple wardrobe changes for variety in the time we had together.

Location: Art Factory Studios
Wardrobe and footwear: Capezio and Shein

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The Art of Dance Combined With The Art of Making a Huge Mess with Tanner

The latest and greatest shoot with Tanner took place at The Art Factory and we ran through quite a few different rooms and ended things with a flour mess all over the place. I used a combination of daylight and Einstein strobes for many of the shots. The shots with the flour turned out better than I had ever expected and I think you will agree.

My lens on the Sony A7RII was the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art. I am pretty psyched to be moving more toward using Sony E mount lenses as 2017 kicks in. They’re certainly comparable to

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Tanner Hutchinson dances at The Art Factory photography by Christopher John Sztybel

Dancing with Dani Albertina at Ripley-Grier Studios

Singers singing in the hallways. Dancers dancing in hallways. The Ripley-Grier studios in Times Square are always full of talented and determined individuals. Had a super cool shoot with Dani at Ripley-Grier in Times Square. She’s a pro and busts out all types of sweet moves.

Lens choices this go ’round were the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art and Canon 28mm f/1.8. Enjoy!

Dancer Dani Albertina at Ripley-Grier Studios

A Place to Dance in East Windsor, New Jersey

Lately you have been seeing a lot of dance work that I’ve been involved with. Since the beginning of 2015 I have been doing a lot of work with Capezio. That has inspired me to do dance shoots on my own to build up my own take on the artform. We’ve done two shoots recently. One at the studio and one at a nearby park. The snow isn’t very forgiving for dance, but it looks so great in the final shots. The lake was frozen and made for a serene backdrop. For the stair shot I faked sunset by putting an orange gel on a flash and having it low to the ground.  Zooming out the flash all the way helps give the effect of pure sunlight.

If you have children interested in dance near East Windsor, NJ I would recommend signing them up with Miss Melanie. I’ve done two shoots with her and Tanner and it’s obvious how great the teacher/student relationship is.

Models: Tanner Hutchinson and Melanie Jones

Interested in learning more about A Place to Dance?

Official site:

Melanie Jones and Tanner Hutchinson at A Place to Dance in East Windsor, NJ


Tanner and Melanie dancing in the snow in their pointe shoes