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B&H Photo logoGreat news! I am now a B&H Photo Video affiliate. What does that mean? My site met qualifications for web traffic and content. This allows me to bring you advertising for the finest store known to man. If you have never been to B&H in New York City, you are missing out. It’s an amazing place that I can only compare to heaven on earth for photographers, videographers, or anyone that loves gadgets.

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Canon 7D

Canon 7D Digital SLRThis year I decided it was time to purchase one device that would shoot stills as well as record high definition video. There have been several cameras prior to release of the Canon 7D that had this feature, but at $1700.00 the 7D does it for less and to a certain degree better. Although the 5dMkII is full frame, it is also an additional $1,000.00 more expensive than the 7D. Couldn’t justify that especially since $1,000.00 would be best spent on a lens.

Image Quality

Coming from an XTi, the image quality is immediately noticed. Crop ’til you drop because the physical image size is giant. If your composition is a bit off, you can crop it and still have enough for a 13″x19″ print. I own the Canon PIXMA Pro9500 and it is capable of amazing results in combination with the 7D.


My first Canon video camera was an Optura 30. I still have it to this day. It still works. I still think it has amazing color for the age of the technology. In short, that’s what you get with Canon. Spectacular technology that will endure long after the product is discontinued. (By comparison, I once owned a Sony Handicam similar to this. That piece of trash crapped out just over a year after owning it. The heads went on it! One of the most expensive repairs on that type of camera. I did not repair it.)

Back to the 7D. The ability to shoot 24, 30 and 60 frames per second is incredible. It’s possible to produce Blu-ray quality video.

Canon cameras

People often ask me what type of camera they should buy. My suggestion is always Canon. They’ve had a long running policy of supporting older equipment. Many of their lenses can be used long after a camera body has expired. The resale on quality lenses is also amazing and a far better investment than you might imagine. That’s not to say companies like Nikon aren’t great, but wouldn’t be economical to have a Nikon system as well. Two things that made me a Canon fan are their menus and color. No matter the device, Canon has very intuitive menus.

My first Canon was a PowerShot A95 and I still use it to this day. Not the best in low light, but noise levels are something Canon has improved on with each new model released.

I always recommend shopping for this type of equipment at B&H Photo in New York City. They have an incredible inventory and one of the neatest checkout procedures in a department store. To learn more about their history, watch this video.