Jordan for Cleri Models Photographed by Christopher Sztybel at Art Factory Studios

Wonderful light was on my side throughout the day for this shoot with Jordan. I don’t usually set up the fog machine for modeling shoots, but after the results I got for this shoot it will inspire me to do it more often. This was also the first shoot since receiving my brand spanking new Magbox by MagMod. If you are a fan of speedy setups and beautiful artificial light then the MagBox is a product you need in your life.

Makeup and hair for this shoot was handled by Nicole Sacco. Wonderful job, Nicole!

The location for our shoot together was the incomparable Art Factory Studios in Paterson, New Jersey.

Male Model Up In This Piece, Ya’all!

I’m not sure why I went with this blog headline, but I’m the boss and I went with it. The end of the year is always filled with wrapping gifts and wrapping up the backlog of shoots from the past several months. I go into every new year with as much of a clean slate as possible. Catching up on blogs is one of those clean slate items. This shoot with Jon was his first ever, so we focused on expressing confidence through the lens. It’s one thing to stand in front of a camera for a candid and it’s something totally different to convey the eye of the tiger.

Prepare yourself for a flashy suit, some track and field and shredded black and white.

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Jonathan Hoch getting his male modeling on


Photographing Model Nicole Celebre in Somerville, NJ

Nicole recently visited me in Somerville, New Jersey for a commercial that we’re currently filming. After we wrapped filming for the afternoon, we took a spin around downtown Somerville and got some modeling work knocked out. These were shot using only the available sunlight.

My good friend Vin was with us and operated the reflector. Thanks, Vin! After we wrapped up shooting, we rewarded ourselves with an all-you-can-eat feast at Kumo on Main St. in Somerville.

If you’re looking to book a shoot with me, it couldn’t be a more simple process. Visit my photography site and go to “Contact”. Throw some dates at me and let’s get something that sticks to the calendar.

Model Nicole Celebre modeling in Somerville, New Jersey