Julia and Chris Engagement Session at Art Factory Studios in Paterson, NJ

Hello, people! It’s been a while since I posted a blog on this site. Hopefully this sets off a trend of me posting blogs more often, but no promises. We’re kicking off this potential renaissance with a few highlights from a totally fun engagement session with two people that love salmon! A lot!

Jasmin Celebrating Her Birthday With a Photo Sesh

There’s nothing like taking the sun by the horns and saying “with this trip around this hot, hot sun I command thee to bestow a photo shoot upon me!”

Nobody actually says this, but blogs need to have hooks and taglines. Social media! Likes! Sharing Consider yourself hooked!

I’ve known Jasmin for quite a few years and she’s been the star of several shoots I’ve done. It was a hot day at The Art Factory but this summer has been pretty relentless and work still needs to get done.

We kept the laughter a top priority and even had a surprise appearance from an “assistant” that definitely wasn’t on the schedule!

Thanks, Jasmin!

Birthday photo shoot at The Art Factory

Montana for Cleri Models photographed by That Werks Photography

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a blog entry. I’m happy to say that even though March -early summer 2020 was a bit slow it has been quite busy since then. I’m taking the opportunity now to post some shoots that have been in “draft mode” for quite a while.

I think we got some amazing shots with Montana. The thumbnail image for this shoot was toward the end as it began to snow. It was perfectly clear up until the last 30 minutes of shooting! Amazing.

Hair and makeup was handled by the ultra-talented Marlene Rosenberg at the world-renowned Art Factory Studios in Paterson, New Jersey.

Dancer On A Mission

Grace and confidence. Two things everyone should either possess or strive for. This is why I enjoy photographing dancers. Capturing a person in their own little world is magic. Here are a few of my favorite shots from an afternoon with Julia. Thanks to Ciara for assisting on the shoot!

For this shoot I mixed it up with natural light and strobes. My go to strobe is the Paul C. Buff Einstein E640. The quality of light and flash duration blows me away for action shoots. Perfection every time and I am also a big fan of their modifier durability and portability.

For booking and to see my extensive portfolio visit thatwerksphotography.com

Julia Carrano dance session at The Art Factory in Paterson, New Jersey

2016: My Year in Photography

From Asbury Park to Vermont to Colorado to my studio in Paterson, New Jersey. Behold the year 2016 through some of my favorite photographs taken for a wide variety of clients…and some of my personal “off the clock” work as well. Although clock watching isn’t something I’ve done in many, many years. Thanks to all, large and small, for taking the time to work with me on a one-on-one basis to craft something special. These are the images that are cool now, but absolutely priceless down the road. I also thank the likes of Matt Koza and Jeff Heckman for bouncing ideas around and being exactly the type of people that fuel the fire of making something out of nothing.

Here’s to many more great shoots with people that share a mutual trust in making images that aren’t just disposable social media fodder. They’re striking, timeless and fun and I intend on keeping it that way in 2017 and beyond.

To view my portfolio, visit thatwerksphotography.com

Christopher John Sztybel's photography from 2016. A year in review.

Christopher John Sztybel's photography from 2016. A year in review.

Christopher John Sztybel's photography from 2016. A year in review.

The Art of Dance Combined With The Art of Making a Huge Mess with Tanner

The latest and greatest shoot with Tanner took place at The Art Factory and we ran through quite a few different rooms and ended things with a flour mess all over the place. I used a combination of daylight and Einstein strobes for many of the shots. The shots with the flour turned out better than I had ever expected and I think you will agree.

My lens on the Sony A7RII was the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art. I am pretty psyched to be moving more toward using Sony E mount lenses as 2017 kicks in. They’re certainly comparable to

If you are interested in shooting with me at The Art Factory, get in touch using the contact form. To view my portfolio, visit thatwerksphotography.com

Tanner Hutchinson dances at The Art Factory photography by Christopher John Sztybel

Katie and Andre’s Point Pleasant Boardwalk Engagement Session

Memorial Day weekend. Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Traffic. Kohr Bros. ice cream. Mayhem. Fried pickles. Seagulls. Funnel cake. Fresh sea air. Rides. People fighting on the beach. People dancing on the beach. People in love on the beach.

Here’s to (somewhat) maintaining my balance on a moving carousel. Here’s to taking Uber for 4 totally walkable blocks. Here’s to Katie and Andre.

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Point Pleasant Beach, NJ engagement session


Philadelphia, PA Pianist Angy Estrada

Are you ready to learn some sweet piano moves? Angy found out about my work from fellow musician Veronica Parrales.

Our space for this particular shoot was a bit cramped, but I can make just about  anything work to my advantage. Angy needed some straight forward portraits for use on her new web site. The photographs needed to convey warmth and experience.

A portable backdrop was used for headshots. The same backdrop also came in handy for the shots where I wanted to completely isolate Angy and the piano from the plain walls of the practice room.

Looking for a photo session that speaks to your audience? Well head on over here to see my portfolio and let’s get you on the calendar.

Musician Angy Estrada Philadelphia, PA piano teacher

Photographing Model Nicole Celebre in Somerville, NJ

Nicole recently visited me in Somerville, New Jersey for a commercial that we’re currently filming. After we wrapped filming for the afternoon, we took a spin around downtown Somerville and got some modeling work knocked out. These were shot using only the available sunlight.

My good friend Vin was with us and operated the reflector. Thanks, Vin! After we wrapped up shooting, we rewarded ourselves with an all-you-can-eat feast at Kumo on Main St. in Somerville.

If you’re looking to book a shoot with me, it couldn’t be a more simple process. Visit my photography site and go to “Contact”. Throw some dates at me and let’s get something that sticks to the calendar.

Model Nicole Celebre modeling in Somerville, New Jersey

Professional Headshots for the True Professional

Headshots for Nick West. A man of the people. Jazz enthusiast. BBQ lunch partaker. Headshot client.

When I do headshots in particular I keep a few rough guidelines the same each time, but I tailor the rest of the shoot to the client. I’m not a believer in “white backgrounds all the time” or other repetitive traits. Your work should evolve and grow as a photographer. You should demand it of yourself.

For this particular session we did high contrast black and white portraits. Very focused light and an 85mm lens. Intimate. Then we moved along to high above the night skyline for some off the cuff shots. These were done with a simple speedlite and 28mm lens to capture a nice depiction the busy city below.

Enjoy a few of my favorites from the photo session and be sure to comment below.

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Nick West headshot

Nick West headshot

Nick West headshot

Nick West headshot

In studio