Grumpy Old Man

Here’s a drawing that reminds me of my grandpa. You may think that’s a good thing, but he was one of the crankiest people alive! He drove people up a wall and had catch phrases like “You’re always right and I’m always wrong.” and the classic “YOUR NOSE!” Drawn in my sketchbook using a Sharpie marker and then colored in Adobe Photoshop.

Grumpy Old Man illustration by Christopher John Sztybel

Rising Heart


This illustration was done using colored pencils and soft pastels. I’ve been doing a lot more drawing lately. Ideas like this really start from experimentation with shapes. Started with the heart and then moved into other shapes, horizon line, etc. This will probably end up becoming a full fledged personal project and, possibly, prints made for sale.

Mermaid on the rocks


Mermaid for BoogsThis weekend I finally decided it was time to draw again. It’s been a really, really long time. My closet is full of art supplies I haven’t used since college! So I packed up my colored pencils and my sketchbook and made it a goal to draw something that day. My only restriction was to draw something with a lot of color because my color palette lately has been a bit desaturated.

This particular drawing took a long time because I pressed really hard on the colored pencils to get a crayon effect. Crayons have a great look, but they snap often and that’s no good.

I’ll probably do a more detailed illustration based on this sketch.