Photographing Model Nicole Celebre in Somerville, NJ

Nicole recently visited me in Somerville, New Jersey for a commercial that we’re currently filming. After we wrapped filming for the afternoon, we took a spin around downtown Somerville and got some modeling work knocked out. These were shot using only the available sunlight.

My good friend Vin was with us and operated the reflector. Thanks, Vin! After we wrapped up shooting, we rewarded ourselves with an all-you-can-eat feast at Kumo on Main St. in Somerville.

If you’re looking to book a shoot with me, it couldn’t be a more simple process. Visit my photography¬†site and go to “Contact”. Throw some dates at me and let’s get something that sticks to the calendar.

Model Nicole Celebre modeling in Somerville, New Jersey

Downtown Somerville Alliance Holiday Commercial #1

1 of 2 commercials produced for the Downtown Somerville Alliance has been posted to the DSA’s facebook page. Take 30 seconds to watch and then share it if you don’t mind.¬†The second commercial will be filmed at the holiday jubilee on Saturday, November 28th.

Downtown Somerville Alliance Vignette #1 from Chris Sztybel on Vimeo.

The Beauty Bar Commercial

The Beauty Bar located at 144 West Main Street in Somerville, New Jersey recently opened and That Werks got to create a commercial for the grand opening. This was a nice creative challenge as well because there are a lot of mirrors at The Beauty Bar and of course nobody wants to see the camera/lighting in the shots! Everyone that participated gave the commercial a really special feeling. It stands out and shows how much care goes into what Kelly and Elise do for their clients.

For the gear nerds out there I used Magic Lantern on my two Canon 6D cameras. Magic Lantern is a piece of software that allows the cameras to shoot uncompressed RAW video. There is a distinct difference between H.264 and RAW. The RAW video doesn’t contain weird artifacting, baked-in white balance or a non-negotiable color profile. This let me shoot without using mainly daylight. Highlights that would normally blow out were brought back in post-production.

The Beauty Bar @ 144 West Main Street, Somerville, New Jersey from Chris Sztybel on Vimeo.

Minute and a half version of The Beauty Bar commercial. See the salon in action. There's even a surprise guest bride with four legs. Visit Kelly and Elise at 144 West Main Street, Somerville, New Jersey.

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Music: Tyrone Wells