Wedding Photography

SnapKnot Diamond MemberI love photographing weddings. Because wedding photography is a very intimate relationship between myself and the couple, I like to shoot a few weddings per month. That keeps me fresh and yields photographs that will make your heart sing. Destination weddings are also welcome.

Pricing information can always be found on the pricing page of my site.

Here a few of my favorite shots from weddings and engagements I have photographed.

Sztybel wedding photograph collage

Retouching a group panorama

Retouched bridal party panorama
Before & After

This particular series of photos was taken by Kelly Formus. I was asked to work my magic bringing two images together and blending them into one long panorama. I also wanted to bring in a lot of the tones that were missing on the original exposure. I have a particular process I use involving Lightroom, Photomatix, and Photoshop. I tend to not overcrank the settings in Photomatix, which gives the image a nice even tone and not the harsh garbage that 90% of people churn out with their HDR software. Moderation, people.

Look at everyone having a great time and letting themselves play off one another. (MVP goes to the dude doing the handstand.) The lighting is absolutely perfect. Natural and neutral. That is key to creating a lovely image.

The final image took approximately two hours to complete.