Duke Island Park with The Simkos

It was a cold day at Duke Island Park, but the hour flew by with two little ones. It almost looked like a fall session with all of the leaves on the ground, but it was definitely a cold December day. The biggest tip I can give you when taking photos of children is knowing when they are in the moment and when they’re not. If they aren’t, just let them run around and do their thing. I lucked out that I got the perfect mix of both. I could pose them where I needed to, but for the most part these are just kids being kids.

Equipment used:

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The Simko Family photos at Duke Island Park

Allyse Jones Modeling in Rahway Park

If anyone deserves credit for hauling it out in 15 degree weather, look no further than Allyse. I am always game to work in the craziest conditions, but models vary. To her credit we shot for a full hour and had as much fun as possible. Never forget how much fun snow is. Adults complain way too much about things that are supposed to be FUN!

Allyse Jones modeling for Christopher John Szybel in Rahway Park